What do I need to apply to live at Boulevard Village?  

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Once you have gathered your information, contact 

Laurie Johnson - COS

at 402-371-1720 

with any questions

or visit

Ringer Partners 

1801 Riverside Blvd, 

Suite 200

Norfolk, NE 68701

Before you apply, take time to gather these items.

  • Copy of your drivers license or photo ID.

  • Copy of your social security card.

  • Letter from the Social Security office OR a print out from the Social Security office showing the amount of SSA or SSI you are NOW receiving.

  • Your most current bank statement. 

  • One savings account statement (last one received). 

  • CDs and/or annuities showing present amount AND interest rate/dividends now receiving.

  • Income tax copy, if filed. 

  • Pensions - Letter from place of pensions or copy of statement you receive

  • Health insurance letter reflecting your premium. (Supplement insurance plan, drug plan, cancer plan, dental plan, eye care plan, etc.)

  • One year print out from pharmacy for prescriptions that you pay yourself. 

  • Receipts for eye glasses, hearing aids, and dental work. 

  • Any other assets, income, medical you are aware of. Remember, ALL income and assets must be reported whether listed above or not. Not everything is listed this is only a help to assist in gathering information. 

  • Statement of inquiry of your express card showing your deposit of your social security. If your social security is paid to you by this method, if applicable.